Why spirituality offers THE solution

When suffering form the consequences of your own unhealthy habits or those of others the last thing we need to hear is someone trying to tell us that spirituality is the solution. We get too caught up in stress and pain and these feel so real that we use all of our experiences and everything we have learned to deal with them.  But ask yourself this?  Have these coping mechanisms worked for you? The obvious answer is no and this is precisely the reason that we are stuck in our unhealthy behaviour. To be more precise,  this is why this behaviour has become a habit.

In 12 step terminology there is a saying “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting”. Once we realize how true this is, the need for change becomes apparent. This is where spirituality comes in.

In his book “There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”, the renowned author Wayne Dyer proposes that we ourselves hold the keys to solving any problems we face within us. He sets out basic principles and foundations we can understand and practice in order to access spiritual solutions to any problems we are experiencing. The book has two sections. The first sets out the theory, the second allows you to use this wisdom in your daily life.

The theory in the first part explains that everything in the universe is nothing more than energy. Light and though, spiritual energy, vibrates very quickly.

Physical energy, and problem areas, vibrate more slowly.

When the highest/fastest frequencies of spirit are brought to the presence of lower/slower frequencies, they nullify and dissipate those things we call problems. We all have the ability to increase our energy and access the highest/fastest energies to eradicate problems in our lives.

In carefully structured chapters, Wayne Dyer draws on both ancient wisdom and firsthand accounts, and shows us how to: stop giving energy to things you don’t believe in, keep our energy field uncontaminated, raise and maintain our spiritual energy.

In the second part of the book, “Putting spiritual problem solving into action”, Dyer shows how we can transform any negative energy into positive energy: hate into love, hurt into forgiveness, doubt into faith, despair into hope, sadness into joy.

This book has been on my bookshelves for more than ten years and I can personally testify that the impact it made in my own life  is truly surprising.

It has been an important part in my own journey towards recovery.

For your convenience below please find links to used and new versions of Wayne Dyers’ book.




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